Video Art project in Atelier Arthur Rogiers

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  • Date

    22/09/2022 24/09/2022
  • Location

    Atelier Arthur Rogiers, Brussel, BE

Video Art project in Atelier Arthur Rogiers is an initiative of Jan Knops. He is founder of Atelier Arthur Rogiers and curator of this art space together with Jonathan Paepens. Since the start in September 2018, we have been seeking confrontation with current video art. We offer young video artists the opportunity to exhibit in Atelier Arthur Rogiers.

In Atelier Arthur Rogiers, video art is presented according to the exhibition concept "Chambres d'Amis". This does not imply a black box as in a museum, gallery or art space, but a presentation within the context of an existing or slightly modified interior design of a home.

This concept is closely related to the typical character of the studio and the need that young artists make known to us. Atelier Arthur Rogiers responds to this need and creates a new intimate presentation place in Brussels where experiments can be done.

Atelier Arthur Rogiers is a place where the focus is exclusively on video art. Young national and international video artists are invited to install a solo show.

Atelier Arthur Rogiers will show 4 shows by 4 artists every year.

22/09/2022 - 24/09/2022: COUTURE EN HAUTE / Jelena Vanoverbeek
Many heads have turned and the spring of 2013 is here.
Silk, lace, belts and glitter; it's all smoke, gammon and pickles. If I could just get that agony in red and get going.
What keeps me up at night? That unsightly hair which disfigures the faces of pubescent boys.
This profession is never easy.
Do you ever second guess? Because I really wanted to present a fragile and very delicate woman.
In order to reach a state of continuous and permanent succes…
Presenting to you a catalog of options; with bilingual surtitles for all audiences.
Silk, lace, belts and glitter. Yep, the devil owed her a cake and has paid her a loaf.
A highly ambitious production that is a must-see this season.