Minja Gu. Tactics

Gu Minja, "Assume that", 2021
  • Date

    25/02/2021 03/06/2021
  • Location

    Nam June Paik Art Center, Gyeongi Cultural Foundation, KR

There are events in which no one is an exception. A pandemic is one of them. No exception means no one can escape. However, the impact is not equal to everyone. Depending on the conditions of life, the coronavirus has been more lethal to some people. The virus, a medical entity, has caused more fundamental turbulence to some national or social systems. Within the border of ' no exception', discrimination and inequality have been reinforced; and certain 'scientific' data has become politicized as a device for surveillance and suppression; and the virus has shaken the fait in diversity and openness, revealing the bare face of nationalism and chauvinism.

What should we do then? As just a single individual finding it hard to get together with each other riven by the war against virus, what can we do? It is imperative to look into how much the isolation, alienation, exclusion, stigmatization, and hate speech, all brought about by the fear of the virus have devastated our lives. We should reset a metronome of our lives and do something in time with it. We might only do simple and small actions, like murmuring or simmering. if the actions can continue and spread, nevertheless, they could perhaps prevent the deterioration of the fierce forces. such moves might evolve into resistance, coexistence, and solidarity. This exhibition at the Nam June Paik Art Center proposes Tactics of the moves.