Stephan Balleux. La Criée & Porz An Park: Incidence of you. Vinyl Release

Stephan Balleux, 2022
Stephan Balleux, 2022
  • Date

    27/05/2022 - 18:30 20:30
  • Location

    Botanique, Brussel, BE

Stephan Balleux proposes a limited and unpublished edition/work for Bounce: a boxed set comprising a pack of cards made up of found images and a vinyl record.

Entitled "La Criée", the first side presents a list of sentences written and declaimed by the artist, the second side proposes a sound discovered and recorded at night, whose random rhythm allows one to enter a state of intense concentration.

Both the cards and the sound are intended to evoke a sensation or an image that each spectator can sculpt with his or her own imagination.

As a reinforcement of the desire to create a truly sensitive experience, this edition is a work that completes the exhibition and can be experienced at home.

Incidence of you

A large amount of sound material was produced to create the Incidence of You installation, through free experimentation with filter combinations and hybrid synthesis techniques. The aim of these experiments was to produce micro-percussion designed to bounce off aluminium reflectors using directional speakers. Instead, these sessions resulted in generative music that sometimes evoked a bestiary of unknown species or a collection of imaginary instruments, halfway between algorithmic compositions and ethnographic recordings. None of these spontaneous compositions were finally used in the final version of the installation.

Porz An Park now presents them in the form of 13 miniatures in their raw state, virtually unprocessed and unedited, documenting the creation of the installation.

All the sounds are synthesised, no animals have been mistreated.