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During your visit to PAPERTRAILS, imagine yourself in the worlds of artists Susanna Inglada and Bente Wilms. Worlds in which boundaries are explored in the form of drawings, installations, textiles and animations. Do you recognise yourself more in Inglada's critical view of contemporary reality or Wilms' surreal alternative reality? No art limited to the straight, predictable edges of paper, but teeming, three-dimensional worlds for you to wander through.

Susanna Inglada

The work of Susanna Inglada (Banyeres del Penedes, Spain 1983) is powerful and clear, just like this Spanish native herself. Her art allows her to express her vision of our society. From tender subjects like motherhood to the political climate that regularly drives us to despair. Her installations compel your attention and invite you to become part of these scenes. In addition to her better-known work on paper, Inglada will show new, never-before-seen textiles and animated work in PAPERTRAILS.

“My work examines power relations, authority, corruption, complicity, and gender inequality. I am inspired by the Catalan and Spanish culture, history, and politics that surround me. With PAPERTRAILS I would like to take you to a world full of scenarios of wriggling characters, which are set up as if on a theater set, the viewer enters a scene in which he or she promptly becomes one of the actors. Or as if you were walking through life-size picture books where you were allowed to make up the words yourself.” – Susanna Inglada

Susanna Inglada lives and works in Amsterdam.

Bente Wilms

Bente Wilms (Venlo, 1994) responds to everyday chaos by creating whole new worlds of her own. Formed from drawings and clippings from pop culture that (seemed to) have no connection whatsoever before they were taken in hand by Wilms. This produces three-dimensional installations with a fairy-tale, absurdist quality.

During her training, Inglada's work inspired Wilms to 'start drawing outside the box of paper' and go full for this medium. In PAPERTRAILS, she will show new installations that are even grander, more chaotic and more immersive than what we have seen from her so far.

"The space that Kunstlinie offers me - literally and figuratively - ensures that my practice continues to develop at a rapid pace. Space for experimentation with new exhibition forms, as well as research into connections between already existing work. This results in site-specific installations and narrative wall drawings, which will disappear again once finished."
- Bente Wilms

Bente Wilms lives and works in Utrecht.