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Cindy Wright
  • Date

    08/10/2022 27/11/2022
  • Location

    Stadsschouwburg, Sint-Niklaas, BE

Why do humans constantly feel the urge to create their own (virtual) world and manipulate and regulate nature? How malleable is reality?

In recent decades, we see the consequences of centuries of abuse of our planet. The balance is lost, we are facing extremes. The spaceship Earth is in urgent need of oxygen, of balance. OOPS brings artists together around mistakes, the glorification of wrong choices and the illusion of the makeable reality. It tries to point out the makeability of a new world where man and nature exist in harmony.

The duo Vanstichel-Vandebos surrounds themselves with artists from all over the world and from various disciplines. How do they critically deal with the climate issue from their perspective?

An exhibition of Niko Van Stichel and Lut Vandebos with Christina Lorena Weisner / US | Sam Kebbell / NZ | Jadot&Barbier / B | Cindy Wright / B | Charlotte Jacobs and Raf Vertessen / US - B| Marc Bijl /D | Annegien van Doorn /NL