MAGMA Triennial 10. For a fluid identity

MAGMA, 2021
MAGMA, 2021

For a fluid identity

Today we are fluid beings. We constantly choose to adapt, to move, to evolve. We have adopted fluidity as much in the world of work as in our physical movements, our social relationships, and even our virtual presence. How can we live serenely with this perpetual change?

Does fluidity allow us to go beyond the polarities me-other, human-nature, man-woman, material-imaterial, stagnation-movement? Can we be multiple, fluctuating and draw strength from it? To be both fluid and anchored?

The Triennal takes over three emblematic sites in Ottignies and Louvain-la-Neuve and gives them a new identity; it also extends to Brussels and Paris. It invites the public to take up a new stance through works of multiple and polymorphous forms that appeal to the body, the senses and the imagination. A sensorial and emotional triennial to rethink our own fluidity.


Hélène Amouzou - Laurette Atrux Tallau ⎯ Stephan Balleux ⎯
Kitty Crowther ⎯ David de Tscharner ⎯ Lise Duclaux ⎯
Patrick Everaert ⎯ Jot Fau - Maika Garnica ⎯
Lara Gasparotto ⎯ Pélagie Gbaguidi ⎯ Kate Gillmore ⎯
Vincent Glowinski ⎯ Stephan Goldrajch ⎯ Camille Henrot ⎯ Graciela Iturbide ⎯ Mehdi-Georges Lahlou ⎯
Hippolyte Leibovici ⎯ Eva L’Hoest ⎯ mountaincutters ⎯
Elise Peroi ⎯ Yoel Pytowski ⎯ Naomi Lilith Quashie ⎯
Aura Satz ⎯ Elly Strik ⎯ Beata Szparagowska ⎯ Sarah Vanagt