Line Boogaerts. Soloshow, Garage Neven

Garage Neven programma

GARAGE NEVEN is a space where works of art are shown to the public.
One artist presents work there for one weekend.
It manifests itself as a possible try-out. You can come and look at work and you can talk to or listen to the artist, because they will be present.

Line Boogaerts was born in Leuven, Belgium, in 1986. She studied graphic design and multimedia design at the The Royal Academy of Fine Arts (KASK) in Ghent where she graduated in 2010 with a master in multimedia design. At the end of 2012, she was laureate of the higher Institute for fine arts (HISK) in Ghent. She currently lives and works in Mechelen, Belgium.

A window is the border, the barrier between inside and outside, between the private and the public space. You look through a window to what happens outside, or you are curious to know what’s inside. The surroundings and the house you live in determines your vision on the world. A house communicates with the city through its windows. Inhabitants watch from their secure cocoon to the public domain, and they determine with a choreography of blinds and curtains or the city can look inside their house too.

The art of Line Boogaerts essentially concentrates on temporary drawings on windows. By using tinted oil or soap and some brushes, window wipers and some more cleaning materials she adds a layer to the reality. The work is presented either as a performance, as a maquette or as an animated video shot in stop motion. At its core, there is thus always an element of time. The oil keeps the pigment from drying up, always ready to be erased, by the hands of the artist, or nature’s elements.

The drawing on the window creates blind spots. Some parts get opaque and mask the view behind. At the same time via the transparent spots in the drawing, the landscape or interior in the background still plays a role. The drawings transform and give other insights. It focuses on parts of the reality and accentuates them. Sometimes you can see the big lines clearer by fading. A window provides insight and vision. The drawings symbolize the hindrances to look.