Koen van den Broek. Plants, Shadows and Models (Mural)

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You are cordially invited to attend the festive opening at VANDENHOVE Center for Architecture & Art: Plants, Shadows and Models (Mural), 2023
Thursday, February 16th, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm, in the presence of the artist and curators.

On February 16th, VANDENHOVE Center for Architecture and Art will officially inaugurate the artwork "Plants, Shadows and Models (Mural)" by Koen van den Broek. This monumental wall painting located at the ground floor of the Vandenhove Pavilion completes one of the last designs of Charles Vandenhove with a unique in-situ artwork.

In conjunction with the solemn inauguration of the wall painting "Plants, Shadows and Models (Mural)" in the auditorium on the ground floor of VANDENHOVE, there is an exhibition on the first floor featuring photos, designs drawings and sketches, complemented by a collection of old and recent works by Koen van den Broek.

Curators: Koen van den Broek & Wouter Davidts
Exhibition Design: Rik Claeys
Design: Astrid Berlengé