Jim Campers. Across Realtime

Postkaart SB55 1
  • Date

    04/06/2023 - 14:00 20:00
  • Location

    Salon Blanc, Oostende, BE

Reimagine the concept of time as non-linear and multi-temporal, where past, present, and future intersect and overlap, looped together. This notion challenges the traditional linear understanding of time that we measure through calendars and clocks.

The LongNow project seeks to capture these moments of temporal instability by exploring places or objects where different temporalities converge. This creates a reconfiguration of time that dismantles the linear concept of time, making the real and the tale interchangeable.

This invites the audience to delve into a cabinet of curiosities displaced in time, blurring the lines. It presents a reverse pareidolia that deceives visual accuracy and weaves a sci-fi infused, abstract trickster's tale. A time-travelling journey in search of an elemental force that operates its own magic beyond the horizon of visibility and recognition.

Almost as an enterprise of future archaeology, it presents an exploration of a speculative time ahead, or was it before, seen from the other side.

In essence, the LongNow project challenges our understanding of time, presenting a world where the camera, physical laws, objects, and even ourselves function separately and independently, creating a mirror world of autonomous actions.