Hear, Here! - de Luisterkamer with Benne Dousselare and buren

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  • Date

    15/12/2022 - 20:00 21:00
  • Location

    Luisterkamer, Groenplaats Kaap, Brugge, BE

An artist duo and a musician/cook/masseur present their audio and video work from SPARE TIME WORK

These welcoming words sound like the beginning of a joke, don't they? Let's see how things turn out. Euhm, we mean, let's he he hear how much we can make you laugh, how we can get down to business, how you and your thoughts get lost, get to work, loose track, during a Hear Here! night at Kaap in Bruges. Hear Here! is a listening room, an evening, a get-together. Thanks for tuning in!

In the Luisterkamer aka the Listening Room, we, along with musician/cook/masseur Benne Dousselaere, will showcase a number of songs and sound works from our latest performance SPARE TIME WORK plus some songs that were created in the process but didn’t end up in the performance! In STW, we musically approach thoughts and ideas about labour and leisure. We explore class and growth through characters such as Adult Hood and Young, Cleaner, Grown Woman and Office Worker.

SPARE TIME WORK is a work with several derivatives. These include

the music video for COMPUTER_SONG
a series of images published by Tim Magazine and nY
a newsletter for rosavzw
a series of sound works and songs and...
a book published by het balanseer (beginning of next year)!!!

And now we add a listening session. It would be great to see you there!

Where? Luisterkamer, Groenplaats Kaap, Brugge
When? 20:00 December 15
Why? It would be superdupercool to see you before the year ends!

Warm wishes!