JVDW Grassroots Plakat A1 final web 2

GRASSROOTS marks the debut of the JVDW gallery with the encounter of sixteen international and local artistic positions, uniting artists from different backgrounds in a multi-faceted group exhibition.

Used as a political metaphor GRASSROOTS refers to a movement, action, or organization that is brought by the people to the people, seeking change and visibility to achieve goals such as building communities, empowering people, or deepening political participation starting from a local level.

Over and above the term implies a moment of new beginning, a seed that sprouts and takes root in the soil—its immediate environment. In the case of a larger city, this can often merely be small niches and gaps between the concrete architecture of the urban space. Yet a grass plant’s roots secure a solid foundation for its growth and longevity, even in the most unexpected places or the harshest environments. For they reach deep into the soil before the sprout breaks the surface and is exposed to sunlight. Just like that, with its group exhibition, the JVDW gallery strikes its roots in the art and culture metropole Düsseldorf.

GRASSROOTS creates a moment in which various positions of modern sculpturing, photography and painting enter into aesthetic relation, questioning existing structures, identity and the everyday life. The gallery’s debut establishes a consistent foundation and lays the groundwork for a promising, exciting, and diverse exhibition program in the future.

Amira Hartmann