Francesca Ferreri. Tutto è vivo, 2020

Francesca Ferreri Tutto e vivo 2020 Photo Cosimo Maffione
  • Date

    09/03/2021 03/03/2022
  • Location

    Corso Vigevano, Torino, IT

Everything is alive, 2020 is the title of Francesca Ferreri's work for Corso Vigevano in the context of the URRA' Torino project.The ATC complex lends itself to the project conceived by Ferreri for its physical and symbolic conformation.A place of passage that filters from one reality to another, from a public and collective dimension to a more intimate and familiar dimension.The project involves a shared masonry work in which heterogeneous objects, donated by the inhabitants, coexist in fragments of a unitary and multifaceted installation. Consumable or disused objects, ceramics , plastic objects, tin cans, glass shards, ornaments and containers take on new life, becoming the symbol of the mutability and transition, material and immaterial, of neighborhood life. A mathematical and musical expression takes place on the two walls, to culminate in a double open parenthesis in an embrace as if to hold back, without forcing, the flow of events. The inhabitant becomes an active part of the process by empathizing with the work, progressively becoming its creator and responsible custodian.