Buren on Tour

Buren on Tour
  • Date

    20/05/2022 26/06/2022
  • Location

    Amsterdam, Gent, Brussel, Milano, Dro, Salzburg, Utrecht

Dear everyone,

We'll be on the road again! We'll finally meet! We've been counting the days since Forever!

It would be great to see you in Amsterdam (20 'till 22nd of May) for the *Hip Hop Huuuraaayyy* 40th anniversary of De Brakke Grond. Not in Amsterdam this weekend? Ok, what about a date in our home towns Brussels (4.06) or Ghent (10 & 11.06) where we perform SPARE TIME WORK? Orrr, we might see each other for the 11th European Feminist Research Conference in Milan (16.06)? We're there with Dearly Dialogues, a correspondence between us and Roberta (Da Soller). After that we will be driving past Lake Garda through the mountains up to Dro (19.06) to spare time work in the Turbine-hall of the old hydro-electrical power station Centrale Fies. It looks like a wedding location so let's meet by the fountain or under the apricot trees. Not in Italy ha? Maybe we'll find each other on the scene of Sommerszene in Salzburg (22 & 23.06) for a double T-shirt Conversation date? Or in De Kikker in Utrecht (25 & 26.06) for even more T-shirt Conversations? If you see any T-shirts along the way, don’t hesitate to send pictures!

In any case, or in any place, we will be looking for you in the crowd and hope to make some new friends along the way.

Lots of Love,

Oshin & Melissa

20.05 - 21.05, Amsterdam,
De Brakke Grond is Fier als een gieter. (NL)

To celebrate 40 years of The Brakke Grond they are throwing a 3 day party.

Friday 20th, we are on air on Culture Club, an art and culture program from VRT. At 8 pm, we will be talking about our work ànd we are letting you hear a few of the songs from our latest performance SPARE TIME WORK. Thanks for tuning in!

Saturday 21st, we are performing T-shirt Conversations at 9 pm. After that we move towards our Wear Your Wordsstation where you can create your own statement t-shirts and wear them while you sing your favorite song during Karaoke (Art) hosted by Davis Freeman or create funky t-shirt dialogues on the dance floor. >> info and tickets

22.06 & 23.06 - 7 pm, SOMMERSZENE @ Szene Salzburg (AT)

Sommerszene turns Salzburg into one big stage for sixteen days, from 9 to 24 June, and impressively presents the variety of the performing arts. In the theatre and in a meadow, in a museum courtyard and inside the gallery, in a supermarket and in the unique atmosphere of the Felsenreitschule, the artists await you with their versions of the world we live in. >> tickets

25 & 26.06 - 8pm, TWEETAKT @ De Kikker - Utrecht (NL)

Festival Tweetakt 2022 takes place from 25 June to 10 July at various locations in Utrecht. In the Utrecht theatres, on the Neude and Fort Ruigenhoek. >> tickets