Ballroom Project #4

Ballroom Project #4

The fourth physique edition of Ballroom Project will be again organized during the upcoming Antwerp Art Weekend (26 – 29 May 2022). In this framework, the project wants to offer a space for non-Antwerp based galleries to be presented through a creative, dynamic and artistic platform, without losing sight of the commercial aspect.

Ballroom Project is very keen to avoid the typical ‘art fair feel’. For that purpose, the concept does not work with separate booths, but rather with a young curator, who will build an exhibition concept based on the received submissions from the participating galleries, tailored to the specific dynamics of the exhibition space. The aim is to put together a project that straddles the line between art exhibition and commercial platform, between expo and sale, starting from an invited selection of like-minded galleries.

To ensure a dynamic energy to the project, we are reaching out to our Dutch and Brussels’ colleagues, rather than focusing on galleries from Antwerp. This will give the galleries and their artists a unique opportunity to discover the thriving Antwerp/Flemish market, or to build on and reconnect with their existing contacts here. To smoothen the transition, the project is initiated by two local players with strong connections: Base-Alpha Gallery and DMW Gallery. Both galleries will follow up the entire project.

This year Ballroom Project will take place again in BorGerHub, the former Courthouse of Borgerhout. The space is an elegant ‘Maison de Maitre’ on the main street of Borgerhout. Located in walking distance of the central train station, this area is undergoing rapid gentrification through the presence of various contemporary art players (Zeno-X, DMW Gallery, Base-Alpha Gallery, Ingrid Deuss, …) and other factors. The exhibition space itself has a homely, but open character that above all exudes a distinctive ‘out-of-the-box’ impression.

Ballroom Project will be more than a mere presentation of artworks. Every participating gallery can submit three works, either all from the same artist, or one work for three artists, or anything in between. We are open to all art disciplines.