Avant que j’oublie

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  • Date

    01/10/2022 01/01/2023
  • Location

    Rue du Levant, Brussel, BE

Exhibition from 1 October until ...

"Avant que j'oublie" is an original and unique urban art event. Under the moving theme of the ephemeral, Michel Van Dyck has brought together artists offering works which, in each case, invite reflection on time and impermanence. Indeed, the exhibition offers a whole programme of works that will only offer a moment, that of their life, to the eyes of passers-by.

For everything is outside, everything is open to the public. Thus, walkers in the vicinity of the Abbaye de La Cambre and the Étangs d'Ixelles will first be astonished to discover interventions that disturb the usual framework of the city - and then, as they pass by, they will be able to savour the very special beauty of what is disappearing. Of course, the works will not have the same fading time.

The ephemeral varies. A few minutes, a few hours or a few weeks after their investiture, each of them will withdraw little by little, on tiptoe one might say, until it disappears without leaving any trace, except in the memories. From a bird song by Ann Veronica Janssens dissipating in the air, to the circles in the water of ponds by Sophie Whettnal, or the painted street by Pieter Vermeersch, each intervention, to name but a few, will have its own duration, inherent to the gesture of each invited artist. In any case, 'Before I forget' is already a memorable story.

With the support of Christos Doulkeridis, Mayor of Ixelles, the Alderman for Green Spaces, Audrey Lhoest, the Alderman for Culture, Ken Ndiaye, the Dutch-speaking Alderman for Culture, Els Gossé, and the members of the Municipal Council.