Anaïs Chabeur. They really know how to choose a place to live

Anaïs Chabeur, 2022
Anaïs Chabeur, 2022

They really know how to choose a place to live
Chan Da Ya is a geological phenomenon located in the Guizhou province of China. It literally translates as « the egg-laying cliff ». They really know how to choose a place to live is a two channel video and sound installation created for the specific architecture and atmosphere of the Atelier Arthur Rogiers using footage shot in the area.

As an appetizer to the exhibition please feel free to listen to the audio work The mountain that laid eggs with the voice of Melissa Mabesoone.


Anaïs Chabeur
Anaïs Chabeur is a pluridisciplinary artist based in Brussels. Through films, objects and voices her practice seizes liminal situations touching upon finitude and the coexistence of material and subtle worlds. She creates stripped forms that contrast with the great vulnerability emanating from the subjects at hand. The visitors are often invited to manipulate her pieces and feel time through strong sensorial experiences. In her installations, sharp objects rub shoulders with a visceral and memorial language. Her creations ask to be touched before being seen, to be felt before being thought. Recent exhibitions include Risquons-Tout, Wiels, De la lenteur et de la mesure, Maison Grégoire, A computer does not hesitate, Botanique. She was a finalist for the Coming People Prize at SMAK, Ghent and a HISK laureate in 2018.