A Tongue Becomes Yours

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With Henry Andersen (°1992, Australia), Kaoutar Chaqchaq, (°1994, Marocco), Millie Rose Dobree (°1998, United Kingdom), Eva Giolo (°1991, Belgium), Felix Kindermann (°1978, Germany), Oratile Papi Konopi (°1997, South-Africa), Ketty La Rocca (1938-1976, Italy), Clara-Lane Lens (°1997, Belgium), Miriam Laura Leonardi (°1985, Germany), Lorenza Longhi (°1991, Italy), Ayla Mrabet (°1986, Marocco), Jurgen Ots (°1978, Belgium), Josse Pyl (°1991, Belgium), Ghita Skali (°1992, Marocco), Oussama Tabti (°1988, Algeria), Kelly Tissot (°1995, France), Nora Turato (°1991, Croatia)

The group exhibition A Tongue Becomes Yours brings artists together who negotiate the potentials and restrictions of language. Language empowers to recognise the world and act in it. This existential human capacity is bound to a specific culture through socialisation and is, therefore, full of codes. The manner of expressions and accents reflect geographical and social origins. They produce a particular sound imbued with family and social values. At the same time, language is malleable and enables a society or an individual to strive for new identities. The works exhibited at CC Ter Dilft address institutional, medial, historical, geographical, fictional and non-verbal dimensions of language, among others.

The group exhibition is a production of CC Ter Dilft, curated by Fabian Flückiger.

Free to visit all days from 2 to 8 p.m., Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Closed on Wednesday 05.10, Tuesday 01.11, Wednesday 02.11 and Friday 11.11.