HISK - Open lecture

A Different Path: Re-Approaching Research In And Through The Arts #4

Schermafbeelding 2023 09 26 om 11 14 58
Left: Anna Barham, p- ool- s o-f t- he ou- t- l- ine- s, 2021, paper pasted to glass, embedded objects. Installation view Chelsea Space, London. Photo by Angus Mill. Right: Filip Van Dingenen. Photo by Noah Holtegaard.
  • Date

    05/10/2023 - 19:00 22:00
  • Location

    Hoger Instituut Voor Schone Kunsten - Vlaanderen, Gabrielle Petitstraat, Sint-Jans-Molenbeek, België

A Different Path: Re-Approaching Research In And Through The Arts - #4
(Dit programma zal in het Engels gegeven worden / This programme will be held in English)

Donderdag / Thursday 5.10.2023, 19:00 > 22:00
Anna Barham, Jeremiah Day, and Filip Van Dingenen

Through demonstrations, lectures and reading sessions in which artists introduce their own work and key texts, an unfolding reflection has been taking shape on how art, intellectual life, and public culture intersect. The PhD, or third-track education in the arts, is distinguished from the Masters with the burden that the artist “contribute original knowledge to the field,” and in this series – organized by Jeremiah Day – we have slowly accumulated speculations as to exactly what those words might mean, in practice. In this evening we consider words and art: as explanation, sense, non-sense, in and out of artworks and as artworks, themselves.

In the first section, Anna Barham will invite the public to share in a collaborative experiment in language. Using scores and protocols of exchange, including with computer voice recognition machinery, Barham establishes a space in which the word as sound can shift from transmitting narrow meanings to open ones, from “denotative” to “connotative,” and back again. As current theorists of Artificial Intelligence find themselves praising the constructive potential of “error”, Barham proposes a renewed method of dealing with abstraction as content.

As an interlude, Jeremiah Day will make a short performance titled You Used To Hold My Hand When The Plane Took Off, reflecting on Sinead O’Connor and the issue of self-censorship in the arts.

We conclude with Filip Van Dingenen presenting: Research in the Arts – Blueprint for protocols - prototyping the U.A.P (Undisciplined Advanced Practitioner) – Ecole Mondiale – FRDLP (Fred Rogers Dewey Legacy Project). Can the art institute / art faculty be the potential space where 'real' artistic research/practicing is at stake. Not seen as the rigid academic construction based on academic conformities and protocols. How to create and construct a more inclusive narrative and being the potential space where expanding narratives does matter? The idea to create a Blueprint for protocols proposed by the 'First rejected PhD candidate in the Arts'.

Discussion over drinks and snacks will follow.