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Therefore, the division of the continuum cannot be compared to that of sand into grains, but to paper or cloth laid in folds, so that there could be an infinite number of folds, some smaller than others, without the body ever resolving into points or minima.
(William Leibniz)

From where we end
To where do I begin


Art is above all a search for one’s relationship with the world. Instead of providing answers, Flurin Bisig’s works are an open inquiry. This personal aspect compels Bisig to transform dreams, longings and experiences into a more tangible form. His working process follows the logic of folding: there are no fixed points – each work implies a transition and leads on to the next one (even if this sometimes requires an indiscernible ‘leap’). Although asserting their own space, the works remain in this sense open-ended, vulnerable and fragile.

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16/06/2022 17/07/2022
  HISK - Alumni Exhibition