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Olivia Hernaïz

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Olivia Hernaïz is a Belgian-Spanish artist born in 1985. She first studied law in Belgium and Argentina. While practicing as a copyright lawyer, she completed a BFA at La Cambre, ENSAV in Brussels. In 2016, she obtained an MFA at Goldsmiths University of London.

In 2017, Hernaïz won the first prize of Art Contest, a leading Belgian competition supported by the Boghossian Foundation. Consequently, she had her first solo show in the Museum of Ixelles in Brussels, entitled As Long As The Sun Follows Its Course.

In winter 2019, she did a residency at Guest Projects, a space founded by Yinka Shonibare Studio in London. Earlier in the year, she was chosen by the Belgian Ministry of Culture (WBI) to be the visual artist in residence at La Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris. In 2018, she was the recipient of a fully funded residency at Can Serrat near Barcelona.

Her installations have been featured in multiple exhibitions around the world, most recently Médiatine 15#1, CWB, Paris (2019), All About You, The Koppel Project Hive, London (2019), Push You Luck, Island, Brussels (2019), Abracadabra, Moscow International Biennale For Young Art, Moscow (2018); Le Consulat, Collectionair, Lisbon (2018) and Les Flâneuses, Art Night London (2018).


Collecting is a pathology from which I gladly suffer. Through the assemblage of materials – ideas of passersby, derelict houses, political logos, bank slogans and tales – I try to deconstruct collective beliefs. My practice is multiple. From painting and drawing to digital printing, human size installations, model making and sound, the medium depends on the project’s intention.

Dialogue is at the core of my work. My projects are all excuses to start conversations others. These discussions first aroused while painting on the streets during the escapologist project Brussels Anti-Demolition Campaign. I then continued to pursue the dialogue through participatory projects as Would you like to make my portrait? questioning the talent criteria, I had no idea engaging with shared authorship, and the board game Art & and My Career where one can place him/herself in the shoes of women in the art world.

Olivia Hernaiz The Worker the Mirror and the Parrot
Olivia Hernaïz, The Worker, the Mirror and the Parrot, diorama, audio, unique edition, 2019

Featured events

HISK Open Studios 2020, Oussama Tabti, photo Diego Lama

Open Studios 2020

18/09/2020 21/09/2020
  HISK - Open Studios
New Songs for Old Cities

New Songs for Old Cities

23/01/2021 28/02/2021
Netwerk Aalst, Houtkaai 15, Aalst, BE HISK - Exhibition
Deafening Songs


11/02/2021 - 19:30 20:30
Netwerk Aalst, Aalst, BE Talk
Olivia Hernaiz Art My Career 2

Olivia Hernaïz. Art & My Career

26/03/2021 - 20:00 27/03/2021 - 22:00
Kunsthal Gent, Gent, BE Talk
270321 HIS STORY

Bye Bye His-Story, chapter 5050

27/03/2021 26/09/2021
Centre de la gravure et de l'image imprimée, La Louvière, BE Exhibition

The Constant Glitch

02/04/2021 05/09/2021
M Leuven, Leuven, BE Exhibition
TBOT Aankondiging Website
  HISK - Digital Platform
Beste kunstwereld,... 2021

Beste kunstwereld, ...

08/05/2021 27/06/2021
Lichtekooi, Antwerpen, BE Exhibition
Olivia Hernaïz, ¡Но пасаран! collaboration with YaGoon, 2021, La Eterna Juventud, Kathie Danneels.

Olivia Hernaïz. La Eterna Juventud

01/06/2021 29/08/2021
Mu.ZEE, Romestraat, Ostend, Belgium Exhibition
The HISK Affair, 2021

The HISK Affair

24/06/2021 18/07/2021
Gosset site, Brussel, BE HISK - Exhibition
Sonsbeek Quadrennial, 2021

Sonsbeek 20>24. Agora

02/07/2021 29/08/2021
Sonsbeek Park, Arnhem, NL HISK - Exhibition
HISK studios. Photo by Dani Ghercă

Open Studios 2021

17/09/2021 20/09/2021
HISK, Leopoldskazerne, Eekhout 5, Gent, BE HISK - Open Studios
Savoir faire, 2021

Savoir faire

15/10/2021 11/12/2021
ISELP - arts contemporains, Brussel, BE Exhibition
Face off- Face yourself

Face off - Face yourself

21/10/2021 22/02/2022
Destelheide - Hanenbos, BE Exhibition
Various Positions, 2021. Graphic design by Bernardo Berga

Various Positions

09/12/2021 30/01/2022
  HISK - Laureates Exhibition
Various Positions 2021 Catalogue

Book launch 'Various Positions'

15/01/2022 - 18:00 20:00
HISK Gosset site, Brussel, BE Book launch
(un)common values, 2022

(un)common values

21/05/2022 18/09/2022
Nationale Bank van België, Brussel, BE Exhibition
Olivia Hernaïz, 2020
Baronian, Brussel, BE Exhibition
Logo 1

The Shop Show

01/12/2022 22/01/2023
Baronian, Knokke-Heist, BE Exhibition