HISK - Study trip

Visit KASK Curatorial Studies

  • 17 February 2020
    10:00 > 17:30

We start at 10:00 with a brief introduction by Daniella and Antony respectively about the HISK and KASK CS programmes (about 15 minutes).

It is followed by short presentations by the KASK CS students (5-10 minutes each).

Then, your presentations take place in your studio. Or, in the screening room for those who would prefer to project their videos.

Each presentation takes 15 minutes + 5 minutes for questions.

The CS students will be divided in groups of 5 à 6 participants. Each of you can receive all the groups.

Participating HISK candidate laureates:
Dries Boutsen, Nelleke Cloosterman, Katya Ev, Helen Anna Flanagan, Olivia Hernaïz, Che-Yu Hsu, Karel Koplimets, Diego Lama, Nokukhanya Langa, Gaëlle Leenhardt, Sandrine Morgante, Elisa Pinto Delgado, Paulius Sliaupa, Luca Vanello, Shirley Villavicencio Pizango

Participating KASK Curatorial Studies students and staff:
Antony Hudek (staff), Anna Stoppa (staff), Camille Bladt, Patricia Couvet, Jef Declercq, Sofie Dierickx, Juan Duque, Koi Persyn, Yanis Stefanou, Margo Veeckman