Vincent Geyskens. Solo

Vincent Geyskens, 2021
Vincent Geyskens, 2021

What does the art of painting still mean in today?

That is a question that occupies Vincent Geyskens and that he explores in his diverse oeuvre. When we look at images, we look for connections with our world, with the reality we know. Vincent plays with these expectations of images and painting: what do images mean to us, what role do surfaces and paint play in how we read and analyse an image, what links do we make with images we encounter in our everyday life?

For the artist, painting is a way of making thoughts concrete and matter visible. His work challenges you, the viewer. Vincent Geyskens uses figurative and abstract elements interchangeably and experiments with different types of surfaces. These range from paper to plastic, from canvas to objects he has found, and in this way he explores the limits and possibilities of the chosen surfaces.

Vincent Geyskens' exhibition at M brings together various series and types of works from the past ten years, supplemented by a number of older reference works. You follow, as it were, Geyskens' quest for the status of the image in today's society. M presents both collages, sketches, paintings on canvas and painted series of frames and thus establishes links between different approaches to painting.