Stephanie and M Arc 4

TRACES is the third exhibition from the series ARCHITECTS OF IDENTITY in the WUNDERKAMMER-MINI by Stephanie Rizaj and Marvin Kanas.

We live in a time where anything can be faked through media, modification, and the possibility of reconstructing the body. Nowadays there seems to be a huge gap between what is real and what is seen as a reality. What has happened in the past, or the question where things are coming from, seems to be less and less important. During this project we will discover what kind of effect this shifting point has on the authenticity of art and the working methods and process of the artists.

THE ORCHID AND THE WASP is an artist initiative by artist and curator Maud Oonk.

Since 2015 she instigates exhibitions, encouraging artists to experiment with new ways of presenting by focusing on their making process. The name THE ORCHID AND THE WASP is taken from the biological concept of mutualism, in which two different species interact together to form a multiplicity.

Rodrigo Albornoz THE OTHER ME March 17 - April 3 Opening march 20
Dong-Wook Jang H:38 THE STRUCTURE OF BORDER April 7 - May 1 Opening April 10
Stephanie Rizaj and Marvin Kanas TRACES May 5 - May 29 Opening May 8
Sarah Rose Guitian AN UNFORSEEN ENCOUNTER June 2 - June 12 Opening June 5
Meret Zimmermann ICY June 16 - June 26 Opening June 19
Billy Ernst HERE HERE HERE YOU June 30 - July 10 Opening July 3
Maud Oonk SHADOW PLAY July 14 - July 31 july Opening July 17
Angel-Rose Oedit Doebé COSTUM MADE COUTURE August 4 - August 21 Opening August 7