Suite for the Symbiocene

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  • Date

    04/03/2023 23/04/2023
  • Location

    Cultuurcentrum Zwaneberg, Heist-op-den-Berg, BE

For sculptor Caroline Coolen (°1975, Bree), the use of collage, montage, assemblage and free association is a way of getting a grip on reality. She summarises the multitude of impressions from reality in her sculptures. Characteristic is her relationship with nature, landscape and animals. Her work plays on a broad spectrum of our senses; with varied textures and various materials, she binds the visual to the tactile. This produces sculptures and large-format drawings that are not infrequently presented as total installations.

Zwaneberg Cultural Centre invited Caroline Coolen to create an exhibition in spring 2023. After all, exhibiting is contemplating, without haste, without a preconceived goal or plan. She asked Marieke Pauwels (b1970, Ghent) and Dutch Maartje Korstanje (b1982, Goes) to join it. These three women have something underground: there are ramifications between them that no one sees. Good things look like coincidences, but they are anything but.

Finally, Caroline asked Dijf Sanders to create a soundscape for this expo. A Suite for the Symbiocene. Caroline wanted him involved because she felt a kinship in his way of working. He makes field recordings while travelling as inspiration to create new sound. His latest record is called 'Lichen', lichen.

Everything is intertwined as it turns out.

Caroline, together with Maartje, Marieke and Dijf, is making the exhibition 'Suite for the Symbiocene', an exhibition, about lichens, a flowing world and sea creatures.