Suat Öğüt. Completing the Disappeared Landscape

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  • Date

    05/11/2022 18/12/2022
  • Location

    Merkezkaç Sanat Kolektifi, Yenişehir/Diyarbakır, TU

Merkezkaç Art Collective are pleased to announce the first solo exhibition by the artist Suat Öğüt in Diyarbakır titled Completing the Disappearing Landscape, which will take place from 5th November to 15th December 2022 at Merkezkaç Art Collective Space.

In the exhibition, Completing the Disappearing Landscape, Öğüt traces the intervention of socio-political conditions in his hometown in the Southeast of Turkey, where he returns after 13 years. Öğüt thinks through the cultural frameworks that surround the issues of destruction and transformation in the geography where he was born. Yet, he wants to bring together the past and the present to build up a healing perspective for the future with his work.

The exhibition, Completing the Disappearing Landscape, is about how an urban identity subjected to extinction is consumed by political dysfunction. This exhibition seeks to reveal how current political maneuvers deal with memory by wandering around the created dystopian environment. The so-called promising future represented by the ongoing construction work in the area presents slices of an artificial habitat where it is almost impossible to find any signs of life.

The hidden crises of the city, the sanctity of the Tigris River - which seems stuck between nature and politics of power - and the ongoing water conflict will be presented in this exhibition by inspiring the materials from the artist's childhood memories. In this narrative, Öğüt encounters the traces he carries from the past to the present in the streets that he returns to after a long time. These traces draw the artist to a path where hope and happiness are embodied by others in order to hold on to the future.

Completing the Disappearing Landscape exhibition, which will continue with an artist talk, closed session presentations, dinner and workshop activities, is kindly supported by the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Mondriaan Fond.

The exhibition can be seen at Merkezkaç Collective Space between 15.00-19.00 except Monday, until 18 December.