HISK - Study trip

M UKHA Antwerp

Study trip to M HKA and NICC, 2020
Study trip to M HKA and NICC, 2020
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M HKA’s general and artistic director Bart De Baere welcomed us once more and introduced the museum to new group of artists starting the HISK programme. De Baere spoke about the museum’s origins, its relationship with the art scene then and now, its mission, the construction of its collection and other topics brought up by the artists. Marcel Broodthaers’ retrospective could not be missed! Co-curator Lotte Beckwé gave us a tour, informing about the artist’s practice, the relevance and influence of his work on generations to come as well as the curatorial choices for this complex project. In the sequence, Nicc België’s president Lieven Segers and vice-president Guillaume Bijl gave us a presentation about the artists’ organisation, their role and various activities. One of NICC’s initiatives is the 'Zonder kunstenaars, geen kunst' exhibition at Nick Lodgers - M HKA, in which the HISK candidate laureates 2020 participated.