Stil leven - natures silencieuses

Cindy Wright
Cindy Wright
  • Date

    21/04/2022 29/05/2022
  • Location

    Galerie DYS, Brussel, BE


Curated by: Yolande De Bontridder en Els Wuyts

21 april – 29 may 2022

Galerie DYS, 84 Rue de l'Arbre Bénit, 1050 Brussel

More info: galeriedys.com

Lien Buysens, Jacques Courtejoie, Lucie Lanzini, Daniel Locus, Tinka Pittoors, Renaud Suanez, Emilie Terlinden, Nicolas Wilmouth, Cindy Wright

When the still life gained the status of an autonomous genre in the arts in the early seventeenth century, it referred to the depictions of inanimate things from everyday life, such as flowers, fruits, oysters, prepared meat and fish on display. Exotic plants from herbariums or special objects from cabinets of curiosities also became part of this story over time.

And today, artists are still struck by this figure of speech and connect everyday objects such as chairs and tables, bottles of wine and cups of coffee or vases, pitchers and pitchers with new contemporary elements. The relationship with the current material world and the balance between life and death appears in painterly and photographic scenes, but also in drawings, collages, installations and videos. The exhibition Stil Leven - nature silencieuse therefore pays tribute to this art-historical genre, which is still very much alive.