Spatial Disruptions

Spatial Disruptions, 2021
Spatial Disruptions, 2021

Spatial Disruptions' is an intervention project taking place in the peripheral, semi-industrial, public space of Groningen, organized by SIGN from 18 July to 31 August.

Spatial Disruptions is based in a large warehouse, a workplace and residence for 7 artists selected by SIGN and located on the Suikerunie grounds in Groningen, Suikerlaan 36. From there, the interventions will be developed by the artists and executed in the public space at location(s) to be determined.

In SIGN is a reportage, 'press' communication centre run by four writers who map out the artists' interventions in text and image and also reflect on them. The ultimate goal is also to shape and publish the findings of each in a small booklet or paper. There is close contact with the 'communication centre' and the artists in the Loods and elsewhere.