Publiek Park

Publiek Park, 2021. Graphic Design by Victor Verhelst.
Publiek Park, 2021. Graphic Design by Victor Verhelst.
  • Date

    01/07/2021 04/07/2021
  • Location

    Citadelpark, Gent, BE

Publiek Park is an open air exhibition organised by the Young Friends v/h S.M.A.K., approaching the landscape park as a total installation and the exhibition as a promenade.

The open-air exhibition ties together social, historical and cultural narratives in the form of a walk along various works of art to reflect and expand the experience of the Citadel Park as an urban and natural space.

The artistic interventions are spread throughout the landscape park and interact with public and hidden places in the park such as the rose garden, the music kiosk, the casemates and the magical aquarium grotto, among others.

During the exhibition, a public programme is organised consisting of performances, guided tours, a symposium, a concert series by music label KRAAK and a film programme by Art Cinema OFFoff. In addition, the Young Friends v/h S.M.A.K. will publish an extensive walking guide with a focus on the artistic practices, the historical locations and the storylines embedded in the Citadel Park.

Publiek Park is curated by Jef Declercq, Anna Laganovska, Koi Persyn & Adriënne van der Werf and is an initiative of the Young Friends v/h S.M.A.K. in collaboration with S.M.A.K., MSK, GUM, 019, KRAAK, Monterey, Art Cinema OFFoff, BLANCO, Kunstencentrum Voo?uit and Ensemble. This project is supported by the Province of East Flanders, the City of Ghent, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, SIGN Groningen, HISK and Bocca.

Participating artists: Kristaps Ancāns, Ines Claus, CMMC, Marc Cosyns, Koba De Meutter, Marcin Dudek, Helen Anna Flanagan, Mark Grootes, Polina Kanis, Gaëlle Leenhardt, Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe, Quenton Miller, Mountaincutters, Anthony Ngoya, Shalva Nikvashvili, Jacopo Pagin, Laure Prouvost, Clara Spilliaert, Nina-Joy Thielemans, Evita Vasiļjeva & Xuan-Lin Wang