KIKK Festival: Tales of Togetherness

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Founded in 2011 in Namur, Belgium, KIKK is a non- profit association that promotes digital and creative cultures.

KIKK creates bridges between art, culture, science and technology through 4 major projects. First of all, the yearly KIKK festival, an event that has become well renowned on the international digital & creative scene.

The creative people that orbit the KIKK galaxy are working in a collaborative environment that favours openness, exchange and discovery. Our goals: to explore, question, experiment, compare, in cross-disciplinary way, the multiple uses of new technologies to prefigure the challenges of a world in motion.

Roel Heremans (BE): The NeuroRight Arcades

Neuro-wearables and BCIs (Brain-Computer-Interfaces) are already here, and soon they will be everywhere. Because innovation is moving faster than the social and ethical frameworks around it, researchers at Columbia University have developed 5 NeuroRights: Mental Privacy, Personal Identity, Free Will, Equal Access to Mental Augmentation and Protection Against Algorithmic Biases.

Inspired by and based on these NeuroRights, Roel Heremans and his team are designing a series of five interactive installations to make each NeuroRight tangible for participants. They want participants to explore unasked questions about the future of our NeuroRights in a world where BCIs are ubiquitous.

Wearing a real-time BCI headphone in front of a custom made Arcade Machine, participants will be guided through an aesthetic experience where their mental state is transparent and malleable. With this, the team hopes to evoke a visceral reaction so participants feel the need for NeuroRights on a personal level.