Ho C promobeeld groot
  • Date

    03/09/2022 30/10/2022
  • Location

    Begijnhofkerk, Brussel, BE

House of Compassion (HoC) is a thematic church around compassion and the struggle for justice. It works on four themes: discrimination, inequality and poverty, environment and refugees. In September and October, there is a focus project on discrimination and injustice due to mental illness.

Vzw KAOS stands for artistic projects on the interface between art and psychological vulnerability.

This interface is broad: artists are often vulnerable and vulnerable is often creative; creating and experiencing art are powerful remedies for many ills. Quality art is also a powerful antidote to prejudice.

KAOS works together with artists, whether or not they are mentally vulnerable. KAOS supports them to realise their work and show it to the public through exhibitions, performances, debates, concerts, etc.

The spearhead of KAOS is the artistic residency in psychiatry, in which an artist conducts artistic research in the KAOS studio, meeting psychologically vulnerable co-users of the studio. These personal contacts often result in friendship, fruitful artistic cooperation and, ultimately, social influence.

In the art world, the line between "insiders" and "outsiders" is crumbling. In the wider society, prejudice against mental illness is unfortunately still a strong challenge. KAOS deploys art against this stigma.

You can visit the temporary exhibition from Tuesday until Sunday (11:00-17:00) and is composed of visual works and texts by artists with and without mental illness.

Artists: anonyme, Milou Abel, Myrvat Al-Chami, Nico Beddeleem, Florian Bijloos, Paule Buschop, Marcos Castro, Denis Nathalie, Erika De Stercke, Fabienne Dragonetti, Krijn Hermans, Baka Kitsune, Greet Langen, Louise Limontas, MU², Project Dotremont, Sarah&Charles, Félix Michael Schepens, ST, Indra Struyven, Erik Thys, Tristan, Frank Van Den Houte, Benjamin Van De Walle, Thomas van Walle, Paul Vincent, Ignace Wouters, Anne-Sophie.

Curators: Fabienne Dragonetti, Mike Michiels, Erik Thys.

With thanks to: Psycho-Sociaal Centrum St.-Alexius Ixelles, Club Antonin Artaud, UilenSpiegel and all the volunteers of House of Compassion.