In 2019, for the first time in its 26 year history, the IKOB - Museum of Contemporary Art in Eupen expressly proclaimed the IKOB - Art Prize as the prize for feminist art. Both female and male artists whose work contributes to the dissemination of feminist ideas and ideals were invited. Eligible to participate were artists from Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Germany, as well as explicitly from East Belgium, who submitted a digital portfolio by September 1, 2019. A total of 326 artists took part.

The jury, consisting of Daniella Géo (HISK, Gent), Louise Osieka (CIAP, Hasselt), Marie-Hélène Joiret (Chataignerai, Flemalle) and Eva Wittocx (Museum M, Leuven), chose the following winners:

Helen Anna Flanagan, Julia Lübbecke and Andrea Radermacher-Mennicken.

The first prize consists of a production and purchase budget of €7,500 and a solo exhibition in 2020. The second prize consists of a production and purchase budget of €5,000 and the third prize is a regional promotional prize of €1,500.

Three honorary prizes, which are also involved in the exhibition, were awarded:
Benjamin Ramírez Pérez, Megan Leigh Heilig and Vanja Smiljanić.

IKOB - Art Prize for feminist art.