Fryns banner
  • Date

    24/09/2022 08/01/2023
  • Location

    Nationaal Jenevermuseum, Hasselt, BE

Delve into the eventful history of five generations of gin distillers Fryns at the Gin Museum and Het Stadsmus. Stimulate your imagination with this story full of passion, flavour and creative entrepreneurship. Activate your sense of smell via different scents, each illustrating a chapter in Fryns' history.

Be surprised by the installation 'Drink of Life', which olfactory artist Peter de Cupere, inspired by the Fryns story, developed.

The Fryns family was close to being active in arms manufacturing. Fate decided otherwise. From 1885, Guillaume Fryns started trading in genevers and liqueurs in Hasselt. The family business survived two world wars, did not succumb to the law against alcohol abuse and managed to keep its head above water even during economic crises. Fryns was undoubtedly one of the biggest distilleries - if not the biggest - in Hasselt. Perhaps you (re)remember the green clover leaf and the boerke, which were central to their promotional campaigns? Recently, Distillery Fryns is making a relaunch. Michel Fryns (fourth generation) put the Fryns brand back on the map and his daughter Céleste (fifth generation) joined the business. They return to the tradition of quality gins and consciously focus on a tasteful experience through cocktails and new product development.