Austerlitz was his name

Alexandra Leykauf, Untitled #10, 2014
Alexandra Leykauf, Untitled #10, 2014

Zijn naam was Austerlitz /Austerlitz was his name


Béatrice Balcou, David Bestué, Pierre Bismuth, Pavel Büchler, Peggy Buth, Daniel Gustav Cramer, Jason Dodge, Marcel van Eeden, Aurélien Froment, Simon Fujiwara, Agnès Geoffray, Alexander Gutke, Ane Mette Hol, Sven Johne, Alexandra Leykauf, Chaim van Luit, Clare Noonan, Marzena Nowak, Paulien Oltheten, Moira Ricci, Jasper Rigole, Stéphanie Saadé, Mario García Torres, Oriol Vilanova, Tris Vonna-Michell

Curated by Sam Steverlynck

Almost exactly coinciding with the twentieth anniversary of the premature death of the influential German writer W.G. Sebald (1944 - 2001) on December 14, 2001, Tlön Projects is thrilled to announce the group exhibition Zijn naam was Austerlitz/Austerlitz was his name as a tribute to this literary giant. The exhibition is curated by the Belgian art critic/ curator Sam Steverlynck with works from the imaginary collection of Tlön Projects and will take place in A Tale of A Tub in Rotterdam, as part of the yearly collaboration between Tlön Projects and A Tale of A Tub.

The exhibition takes W.G. Sebald’s masterpiece Austerlitz as a starting point to tackle some of the literary techniques and themes that are elab- orated in this novel: the impossibility of communication, the unreliability of memories, the use of photography for evoking - or creating - memories and the unique combination of (historical) facts, autobiographical elements and ction as a way of storytelling.

The works comprising the exhibition Zijn naam was Austerlitz/Auster- litz was his name originate from the following collections: Laurent Fiévet (France), Edgar F. Grima (France), G + W (The Netherlands), Joseph Kouli (France), Reyn van der Lugt (The Netherlands), plancius art collection (The Netherlands), Alexander Ramselaar (The Netherlands), Family Servais (Bel- gium), Veys-Verhaevert (Belgium) along with other collections that wish to remain anonymous.