ArtContest 2022

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  • Date

    01/09/2022 23/09/2022
  • Location

    Espace Vanderborght, Brussel, BE

ArtContest (asbl), created in 2005, is the annual contemporary art competition of reference for young Belgian artists or artists residing in Belgium aged 35 or less.

This competition, founded and directed by Valérie Boucher, who is committed to the emerging art scene, aims to reveal, follow and accompany the work of young contemporary artists over the long term.

Its philosophy is to contribute to their evolution and to encourage reflection on their practices and their positions as artists in today's society.

Artists 2022: Joao Basto, Hadrien Bruaux, Wim De Pauw, Tom Hallet, Melissa Medan, Lucian Moriyama, Paulius Sliaupa, Aymeric Tarrade, Zena Van den Block, Emma Verhulst

First prize
Paulius Sliaupa won:
The prize of 3,000€ offered by National Lottery
A solo exhibition in the Botanique gallery in 2022.
A 2-month artist-in-residence at the Centre Intermondes in La Rochelle and a 2,000€ production grant offered by our chairwoman Mrs Betty Lechien.

Second Prize

Malisa Medan won:
The 3.000€ Prize offered by the National Lottery
The Prize of the City of Brussels - solo exhibition at the C-box in Centrale in 2022, a production grant of 1,000€ and artist's fee of €2500

Third Prize

Wim Depauw won:
The Prize of Sabam Culture - €3,000

Special mention from the jury

Tom Hallet won:
The Cadr'art Prize - 1,000€.

CAB Fondation Prize

Wim De Pauw won:
A one-month residency at the CAB Foundation, accompanied by a production grant of 1,500€.